Ground Breakers’s 0.8 Progress Update – Battle Finish

In the year 2014 we ran out of money and our indiegogo campaign failed miserably so we have to take our full time job seriously (to avoid starving).

But we quit our full time job once again to did this and get pretty far if you ask me.

Here are thing that we did for last few months:

– We added height for our battle, now melee unit can’t attack unit stand on the high enough square if it stand on low square. And Ranged unit will have increased miss chance for uphill battle also. But move to higher square will cost you more move points so its fair.

– We replace the battle ground graphic, just check out our latest screenshots and see how sweet it is 🙂

– All map events are finished with some placeholder graphic

– We now have map skill. In a campaign if enemy attack you, and you have upgraded your tech enough, you could use map skill, which does little at normal case but help tremendously if the timing is right. Like summon a mechanical yeti to throw snow ball at anyone trying to use skill, or a Sand Worm that attack a group of squares.

Each map will have 3 skills for 3 floor so 5×3 = 15, plenty to get used to :).

Here is the progress in number:
– Single match core mechanism: 99% (just need some quick adjustment)
– Map Design: 100% (40% from last update)
– Chip system:
+ Core: 80% (need some more interesting mechanic
+ GUI: 0% (95% from last update, we decided to remake the GUI)
– Craft system:
+ Core: 100%
+ GUI: 90% (Will need better art)
– Multiplay: 50% (Barely playable, hard to maintenance with many update in Single play)
– Campaign: 20% (10% from last update, we have set up the foundation for Random events in campaign)
– Effects for single play: 90% (It may stay that way for a long time)
– Animations for single play: 90% (It may stay that way for a long time)

Total Progress: 65%

What’s Next?

  • Short Tutorial Campaign
  • Chip system
  • Multiplay
  • Campaign

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