Ground Breakers’s 0.8.1 Progress Update – Tutorial Campaign

Previously we use some kind of situational tutorial which force open a tutorial whenever new elements introduced to player. And it seems to interrupt player’s flow. So we came up with a short tutorial campaign which require players to play through first before they have access to main menu. Of course they can still skip the tutorial and access it later in the main menu.

We are using place holder avatars of character from another game so we can’t post a screenshot here, but it use a dialog system which have a text box in the middle and 2 characters in 2 sides. You get the idea.

The leveling for robot ingame has changed. Your robot will now level up much faster so they could use all of their skill to provide richer experiences.

We also add miss chance for robot whom attack an enemy stand higher so the terrain advantage is bigger. Get to the hill!

Blue Arrow and Wingenal is remodeled.

Here is the progress in number:

  • Single match core mechanism: 100% (99% from the last update)
  • Map Design: 100%
  • Chip system:
    • Core: 80% (need some more interesting mechanic
    • GUI: 50% (0% from the last update)
  • Craft system:
    • Core: 100%
    • GUI: 90% (Will need better art)
  • Multiplay: 50% (Barely playable, hard to maintenance with many update in Single play)
  • Campaign: 20% (10% from last update, we have set up the foundation for Random events in campaign)
  • Effects for single play: 90% (It may stay that way for a long time)
  • Animations for single play: 90% (It may stay that way for a long time)
  • Tutorial: 100% (Remake)

Total Progress: 70%

What’s Next?

  • Chip system GUI Finish
  • Multiplay
  • Campaign
  • Worlmap Remodelling
  • Difficulty

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