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Ground Breakers is a Turn based tactic game that breaks traditional class system. Each unit is unique with endless ways of customization.The process of acquiring new units is also fun in itself, you must find each part of a robot and integrate them to get it without knowing the recipes.

A few centuries after the apocalypse, ice in the two poles have melted and the earth has no land left. Disorder and riot occurs everywhere. Governments were destroyed. People built giant cubes and linked them together to have a place to live on. Minerals became rare and hold much value. All the big corporates and organizations rise to powers and start to trade, research robot run by water to dominate mineral rich areas.

  • Conquer random generated tactical campaign maps with your own army.
  • Campaign use dynamic events instead of linear story. Each play will follow different event flows which skyrocket the replayabilities. EG. Kidnap event, Judgement day event.
  • Macro management: Military Power, Technology, Human Resources. Make alliance, capture enemy officers, spy, deceive your enemy.
  • 5 vs 5 battle with various type of goals: Capture the tactic point, Deathmatch, Protect the VIP, Protect HQ.
  • Unit grow on the battlefield, level up, learn new skill on the battlefield.
  • Equipable passive abilities for each unit via chips system.
  • Unit crafting system, you have to find all the parts for that unit and integrate them in the lab.
  • Battlefield constantly changing. Dynamic events appear here and there changing the tide of the battle significantly.
  • Balanced battle setting highly suitable for MULTIPLAYER battle.

Each unit could carry a board of chip with limited space, chips provide additional stats and passive skills which help you customize your units to your liking. Patch their weaknesses or enhances their strengths.